Skill India Initiatives: For Degree Holders

Skill India Initiatives: What is in it for B Tech/Diploma holders who graduated in last five years and are presently enrolled in colleges? There is nothing in for the degree holders who haven’t got suitable employment. Those who graduated in 2011-2012 and those who are enrolled In colleges and will graduate by 2018-2019, there is no policy that addresses their employability issue.

Is College Curriculum being updated to meet future needs? Yes, there are steps being taken to modify curriculum, from its present state of lagging a good 4-5 years behind recent technical innovations, but one should be clear that whatever modifications do take place, there is nothing that will change overnight.

Can we leap frog to future, just like we moved from landline phones to mobiles? Here we are talking of Human Talent Pool, roughly if we take a window of people graduating between 2011-2018, which is a sizeable number, to skill and make them industry ready is a huge task. These degree holders cannot be forgotten while framing any policies. We can’t wish them away like technology, so any concept to leap frog is good only on paper.

What is the solution then? Only feasible workable solution is provide short industry oriented practical trainings in specialized field. Colleges could put in more by taking practicals seriously, students invest time and money on summer trainings and Industrial trainings to make them employable in the subject they hold a degree in

Are there institutes which do that? We at Skyllin provide industry centric two months training to Civil Engineers( 3rd yr and Degree/Diploma holders) There are also short workshops being conducted by certain private players.

Does Skyllin charge for this training and if so why? There is nothing that is free in this world! We have dedicated staff to guide and supervise on sites and skill students, we have a dedicated training facility hence the charge

Why only Civil Engineering? Well, one step at a time, we wish to deliver quality trainings in this field and then move to other branches.