Summer Training

Skyllin Summer Trainings

How much do trainings cost? Fee for summer training for IIIrd Yr Students is ₹ 7,500.00 plus registration charge of ₹ 400

What is this new offer? As we have stated in our presentation and in all student interactions, ‘Skyllin’s vision is that students enhance their skills and find suitable jobs in their core field’. Further to this we would offer 50% discount to students with 90%+ attendance in our trainings..

How to Avail this Offer? Enrol for the course by registering, giving us a letter committing a 90% + attendance and paying just 25% of fee, pay rest of 25% after successful completion of training.

How does it work? Our trainings have a fee associated as they happen to be dedicated training programs. We really would like students to learn with us and offer a 50% discount on commitment that student’s attendance would be above 90%. Student pays 25% of fee plus registration charge and gives a self-attested declaration on his attendance commitment and joins the course. When course is completed, he pays balance 25% and his certificate is issued to him. What if my attendance is lower than 90%? One would then fall in general category and that category fee would be applicable and payable before certificate is issued.

What is the duration of the course? This is a 60 days training program. This includes onsite and classroom training, 3-5 hrs/day/5 days week. Will I get a training certificate? Yes, of course, certificate for Skyllin Summer Trainings will be awarded to each participant after successful completion of training. These can be submitted in college.