Salary for Freshers

From recent student interactions:

What is the starting salary range for an average Civil Engineering Graduate?

Coming from students, it looks like they are in a hurry to start earning right after graduating. There is actually no salary range that can be specified. One must understand that at the start of career, priority should be given to organization one chooses to work with, analyse what he will learn there and what are growth prospects. One should also analyse ones own interest and what are the prospects he has if he has proficiency in that domain. Salary should not be main deciding factor at the start of career.

Some questions from student interactions

Q: I don’t think my basics are clear in these four years I have been studying Civil Engineering, is there something for me in these trainings?

A: Yes, of course, these are practical trainings for day to day site activities pertaining to tasks that you will be required to perform on daily basics when doing a job. Our supervisor will guide you with the same, clear your doubts and also help you make daily reports.

Q: Is it a Summer Training?

A: Yes it’s a Summer Training with a difference, you are getting your practical training under proper guidance and will get a certificate for same. We would help you make project report which can be submitted in college.

Q: What is the course duration and when does it start?

A: Course is for 60 days, full time. We will schedule it after exams for Engineering Colleges are over, tentatively start last week of May.

Q: Why is there a fee for such training?

A: This is full time training. Experienced supervisors will guide small batches on site, handling of site machinary will be demonstrated and lectures from industry experts would be there. This in not a training where only a certificate would be given, hence the charge.

Q: Why should I go in for this summer training?

A: Actual purpose of Summer Training is practical exposure, not only getting a certificate. We are the only institute offering this short training here in Jaipur so if you want training with certificate, we are the ones for you.

Q: Can I fill forms and pay fee online?

A: Yes, we will update our site when fee structure is finalised and then you could fill the form and deposit fee online.

Q: Will you give us placements:

A: We are a training institute bridging gap between college study and industry requirements. We will surely recommend promising candidates to industry.

Q: If I have queries can I visit Skyllin? A: Absolutely, call us and schedule a session at our city office at Regus, Jaipur Centre. We will resolve all your concerns and we do welcome parents too for such sessions. Sessions could be scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays too.