Policies for Degree Holders

CII conclave on Skill Initiatives: Who will benefit from the schemes being launched? Students in Secondary and Higher Secondary, those completing school education and drop outs are ones who will benefit from these schemes. Goal is to make all employable as per ones capability. Manual skills will receive more respect and recognition in society by way of government drives.

Do all policy makers agree and share same vision? Yes, almost all speakers agree that there is need for better communication and language skills, there is need to sync traditional education to market needs and that over recent years our educational system has produced non-employable graduates. All share the vision of making India global skill resource center.

What is the policy for recent graduates and those who will graduate in next two years? Sadly, no one is talking about them. This is also something that needs immediate redressal, there are supervisory roles that the degree holders can be skilled at.

What are challenges in making India a Global Skill Capital? First and foremost is getting a global perspective, have world class standards and manual skills be something that workers take pride in. All this will require a change at personal, society and national level, nothing short of revolution would do.

Author: Administrator@Skyllin